Alex’s Work

“I began working with Ryan a year ago after multiple shoulder dislocations and putting on weight.  I had restarted training on my own, but a fear of dislocating my shoulder again and a general lack of focus with my workouts meant that I was not seeing the results I was looking for so I decided to invest in Personal Training at Gymbox.

I had always been put off getting a PT – I didn’t want a militant beefcake shouting at me, as I knew wouldn’t respond well to that!  After my induction session, I felt that Ryan’s approach and style suited my needs and complimented my way of working through encouragement and praise whilst still pushing me hard.

Working on different body parts through different styles of training – from weight lifting, to bodyweight frame work – has meant the training sessions have always been fun and varied and pushed me to achieve things that even weeks before I wouldn’t have thought possible.  Most importantly, nutrition has to compliment the training and Ryan’s nutrition plans and support via WhatsApp made a huge difference to my results.  I had been training for 4 months with minor improvements, however becoming disciplined with my diet and nutrition led to a drastic change within the space of one month.

Ryan helped me rebuild my confidence in the gym, and  most importantly rehabilitate my shoulder through various techniques and exercises.  Through our training plan of I have achieved fat loss and muscle growth, losing over a stone of fat and building lean muscle.  I have actual visible abs for the first time in my life!  I have surpassed what I had in mind when I first began training with Ryan, but it seems that with fitness you are always chasing the next goal and I’m excited to continue working with Ryan on this journey.”