Ray’s Work

“When I first came to Ryan I wasn’t convinced anything could help me. I suffered quite excruciating pain most days from my knee, and doctors told me that I would need a knee replacement. My X rays showed severe deterioration of my knee spurs and callus formation which I believed isn't reversible.

We focused on the mobility of my lower body, and it was definitely uncomfortable to be in some of the awkward positions, but I trusted him that it was the right thing to do.

Ryan helped me understand that I could get out of pain when I didnt even think it was possible, and I believe that my training with him has indefinitely delayed my knee replacement.

Now I have no pain. I know I need to continue strengthen my knee and the surrounding muscles, as well as keep my joints healthy, but Ryan has given me all the tools to do this now and I am more active than I’ve been for many years. ”