For the grafters, not the gifted.

The Options


The Ground Breaker

You want 1 session per week, to get things going again after a break, or to have a regular progression session to focus on your weaker areas. You better put in the work on your own too.

The Grafter

The most popular option, you want 2 sessions per week. Combining great strength training and mobility work as well as committing to your own solo training sessions.

The Constructor

No more messing around, you want 3 sessions per week and you want to invest in yourself and your health for the long term. Together, let’s build you an amazing body.

The Freedom Fighter

No need for gym membership, just PT sessions delivered at Gymbox or a central London studio (subject to availability).

I can also work with companies to offer corporate training packages and options, so contact me if you want to work together. Unless you work on the Death Star. Then, maybe don’t.