The 360 PT

Time is a flat circle, until you make a change...

Hello.  I'm Ryan, The 360 PT, a personal trainer who trains clients at Gymbox Farringdon, and across London. Being The 360 PT means my approach to training includes not just advanced physical training methods but also detailed nutrition guidance and, most fundamentally of all, mindset coaching throughout our sessions. Combining all of these elements, you will achieve your goals when working with me.

I use my wealth of experience in training a huge range of different clients, successfully, to enable lasting change through various different strategies, always tailored to the needs and goals of each individual. 

I work in any location which is convenient for you. I will get you results no matter where you wish to train, whether it's in a local park, in your apartment gym, or in your living room. We can achieve your goals and amazing progress, together.

The 360 Philosophy

We begin with a first consultation training session, which is fun and relaxed, to assess your current level of fitness, for you to feel comfortable with my style, and for me to understand your goals.

Then I develop a bespoke training and nutrition programme for you, together with your input, for you to meet those goals.

I also communicate with you via WhatsApp/SMS in between our sessions, to give nutritional guidance, exercise tips, and mentality support.

My 360 approach is fundamental in keeping you motivated, and on track, to make great progress.

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Drop me an email with any training, nutrition or mindset question that you have, or to arrange a taster session!

I will always reply within 24 hours.

Book a session with me, make a change and become a better you! The time is now, so what are you waiting for?